Top Things to do in The Republic of Panama

Video of my favorite places in Panama including San Blas, Coiba, Bocas and Boquete.

Hack the  Panama Airport Taxi Scam

Banana Panama Girl shows you how to save to make your stay Cheap. Six minutes can save you $60 dollars right from the moment you land and that's a lot of beer in Panama.


Things to do in Panama City

Screw trip advisor.. let the tourists go to the canal, we're going to hit the town.

SEX in a Panama Push

Banana Panama Girl teaches you how to have sex Panamanian style in this unique cultural phenomenon you have to try.

The Backpacking Philosophy in Panama

Brought to you by Banana Panama Girl's favorite hostel in Panama -- The Lost and Found.

Panama Warning

Be careful when you're staying in hostels in Panama so this does not happen!

Casco Treasure Hunt

Help us Beta test this interactive hunt through Casco Viejo.  Watch the video and prepare yourself for a free live action adventure.  Just visit the page on this website Amazing Free Casco Treasure Hunt.  Puzzle lovers will experience Casco like no tourist ever has.

Must Read for your Panama Trip

The boundaries for what is real is tested by these travel writers in Panama.

Climb Volcan Baru

Banana Panama Girl takes you on one of the top things to do in Boquete.



Come To Panama

Still deciding if you want to come to Panama?  This new promo video from the Panama Tourism will help you decide.

Backpacking Panama Advice

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