How to Find Us

We are NOT in Boquete!  We are off the beaten track but easy to find.  If you arrive after dark (7pm) make sure you have a flashlight!

Coming from Costa Rica ($ 26\0 or Panama City ($14)

From the main terminal in Panama City or San Jose simply take any bus going to David, Panama and follow the directions below.

Coming from David... ($3.50)

Option 1

At the main terminal in David find the bus to Changuinola.  This is the bus that takes tourists to Bocas del Toro so helpful Panamanians will likely help you find this bus.  Let the driver know you want to go to The Lost and Found.  They know who we are.  After 60 or more minutes you come to a toll booth in a town called Valle de la Mina, 2 minutes past that on your left side is our sign with Rocky our lovable honey bear, near kilometer 42.  Near the vegetable stand is the path that will take you t our lodge.  When busses are full, however, drivers may want to fill seats with passengers going all the way to Bocas.  No problem, there is another option.

Option 2

At the same terminal, about 100 meters away is another bus to the town of Gualaca.  For a two dollars the driver will take you to the pretty town square of the Gualaca.  A town seldom visited by tourists.  Here there are collective taxi that will take you to The Lost and Found in the town of Valle de la Mina.  Again the drivers will know who we are.

Coming from Bocas... ($8) take the bus heading to David, eventually you come to a lake/dam called Fortuna.  10 to 15 minutes after that you will see our sign on your right and a vegetable kiosk near kilometer 42. The bus driver will know who we are.

Now that you are here…

It is a 15 minute uphill hike near the sign...if you need help with your bags the family that owns the vegetable stand can help you for a small fee.  Come in daylight or bring a flash light for a bit of night time adventure.

Rates and Reservations