Lost & Found Day Tours

From adrenalin junkies to quiet nature lovers: The Lost and Found has something for everyone.  On a budget?  Just take a free map and head out on the local bus. Secret waterfalls and hidden canyons await -- quiet trails and a puzzling labyrinth.  Our guided tours offer a little extra.  For the more intrepid our guide will take you deep into the jungle with rare flora and fauna and an indigenous village where life is lived much as it was 400 years ago.  Or head to a true Panamanian ranch for beautiful mountain vistas and a sample of the simple life.  Or sit down to an organic farm to table lunch for fresh lemonade and sugar cane juice and the world’s best fair trade, organic coffee.  What are you waiting for?

The Lost & Found Treasure Hunt

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Gather the brains of Sherlock Holmes and the balls of Indiana Jones and head out over rivers, into caves and through massive trees.  Great challenges lead to great rewards.  And sometimes great rewards are free drinks in the bar!  The treasure hunt begins in the labyrinth modeled after the famous Hampton Court maze and ends with you the adventurous puzzles sleuth telling us the legendary story of the lost gold of La Mina.

Locals say the spirits of pre-Colombian Indians still roam the forest trails in the Valley of the Mine, guarding the sacred meaning of the hieroglyphs carved onto giant stones cast from the depths of Volcan Baru.  On your hunt you will retrace these same trails. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the riddles that will eventually lead to the key to understanding the ancient symbols.  With the code to understanding the symbols you must retell the legend of the lost gold of La Mina – a true story about the founding of the nearest town, Valle de la Mina.  Don’t worry; it will all make sense in the end.

Celestine Waterfall

Boquete to Bocas.jpg

Located at the end of a high, narrow canyon, the 30m Celestine Waterfall is one of the hidden jewels of the Palo Seco National Park.

Climb through the boulder strewn creek bed, swimming through unnavigable sections to reach The Chamber, a natural room of thundering water and forbidding stone with walls so high that the sun's beams can only penetrate at midday.

Only a few minutes from the road, the Celestine Waterfall is still so well hidden that only those who know exactly where to look for the secret entrance can ever behold it.

River Canyons


Nature has created the perfect playground for everyone.  Brave the meter high cliffs and jump in for an amazing adrenalin rush or if you are more the quiet sun worshiper, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

The river canyon catches all the local sun and is the perfect place to pack a little picnic lunch, maybe a beer or two and spend a day. Check out our video of the exhilarating dive here

Organic Coffee Tour


Meet Don Cune, organic farmer, mad scientist and wise grandfather all rolled into one.  He will proudly show you his life’s work on his organic coffee farm, where you will witness the production of coffee as it was done decades before the arrival of big agro.

Eat fruits ranging from the common mangos and passion fruits to rare delicacies such as pitangas, rose apples and naranjillas, squeeze the world’s most delicious lemonade from fresh sugar cane, and partake of Don Cune’s homemade fruit wines over a delicious and organic farm to table lunch.  Here you will see a slice of the “Real Panama,” a sample of the timeless rhythms of rural life with a wizened, wry old farmer who makes his living from the sweat of his brow and the abundance of the earth.  Your visit will make an invaluable contribution to preserving this way of life and making viable the emerging organic market in Panama.

This is nothing like the big plantation tours in Boquete – learn how coffee has been made for decades before foreigners industrialized coffee and support real locals as they struggle against poverty to make their organic farms viable with your help.

Hot Springs and Petroglphys


See the hieroglyphs carved into volcanic rock by
pre Columbian Indians, then soak in the healing thermal waters after a cool dip in the Caldera river.

What a perfect way to spend the afternoon or relax your aching muscles after a few days of hiking.

Horseriding through the Jungle

Explore the Panamanian hill country on horseback!  Ride with local guides through rugged gullies, forests and meadows, taking in incredible vistas of the rivers and lakes of the province of Chiriquí.

Have a traditional lunch in the village of Peña, two hours from the nearest road, and see how the campesinos really live in rural Panama, where meals are cooked over fires, sugar cane is squeezed by hand and every man knows how to lasso a steer.

Lost World Jungle Tour


Discover the lost Salto Dorado, the greatest waterfall of Bocas del Toro, hidden beyond shrouded valleys and jungle-covered mountains, whose secret is guarded in an indigenous village where life is lived much the same as it was four hundred years ago.

After an intense uphill hike through indigenous cacao plantations, we rest and have a local lunch in an indigenous Ngabe village situated on a high hill overlooking the sea. From there we continue to hike through thick lowland rainforest, home to monkeys, toucans, poison dart frogs and a myriad of other rainforest creatures, until we reach one of the most amazing waterfalls in Panama, secluded deep in the heart of the jungle! This hike is not for the faint of heart – the terrain is rugged, and the trail is not a well kept park path but a genuine indigenous trail, steep and narrow. But it will be more than worth it . . . the waterfall, a 30m cascade that falls into a deep canyon with sheer cliff walls in a remote corner of raw jungle wilderness, will transport you to a primeval, long forgotten time and place."

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