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Top Ten ways to experience Panama’s Cloud Forest at The Lost and Found

1.      The Treasure Hunt.  Start off like Sherlock Holmes deciphering clues in the labyrinth and end up like Indiana Jones hunting through massive strangler trees and crossing waterfalls in pursuit of adventure and prizes.

2.      A coffee tour like none other.  Visit Cune's organic farm and see how this unique organic farmer blends ancient superstition and modern science to grow the world's best organic, fair trade coffee.

3.      Free Trails! Roam the Fortuna Forest Reserve in search of White Faced monkeys and the elusive Quetzal.  Be one of the lucky few to catch a glimpse of one of Central America’s rare wild cats.

4.      Give Rocky, the cutest honey bear ever, some love!

5.      Happy Hour! Every day we have the best drink specials priced at local levels with no gringo tax!  Let loose with foosball, life sized JENGA, beer pong or Cards Against Humanity.

6.      Make a fresh glass of O.J. with our own oranges.  Then relax in a hammock and wait for the humming birds to visit or famous blue morpho butterflies.

7.      Adventure Tours.  Use The Lost and Found as a base and let us take you to healing hot springs and the mysterious petroglyphs.  Or experience a true Latin American ranch and take off on horseback along stunning mountain trails.

8.      Enter The Lost World and never forget the rare opportunity to explore the virgin rain forest. Serious hikers cut though dense jungle surrounded by towering waterfalls and journey to an isolated indigenous village cut off from the modern world.

9.      Free WiFi, books and hundreds of movies.  Download the legendary Lost and Found novel, free.

10.  Share!  Whether it’s a bottle of Chilean red, a meal with new friends or conversation as the sun sets behind Volcan Baru, the best part of The Lost and Found are your new friends.

"Our Pick.  A backpacker community in the cloud forest, this original lodge offers a utopian take on jungle living....¨ -- The Lonely Planet

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