You will need the map of Casco Viejo below to help you solve the riddles.  Each blue push pin provides information about the various locations in Casco Viejo that you will need to go to in order to solve the riddles.  The riddles are spread randomly on the crossword puzzle but you will need to solve riddle one first followed by number two, etc.  If you need WiFi the google maps provide all the spots in Casco Viejo WiFi is available. On some devices you can download google maps by entering the words ‘ok maps’ and google maps will be available offline.   If you solve the crossword puzzle you will be given a message explaining how to continue.  If you finish on time you just may save the victim.  Start in Plaza Herrera.

Click HERE for the Map

Open in a Browser then click Open Original Map (Do not use My Maps! the new google app)

If google lets you you can download the map and wander around.  While you have wifi, try to scroll around the map as much as possible and open information points so an keep the map open on another page as you leave wifi area.  The crossword puzzle works offline as well.

Maria's Hunt

Maria's Hunt

Maria Concepcion

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When you know the answer to the final riddle enter is as the password HERE